Street Children Centres
Children abandoned, neglected and exploited on the streets are given refuge, protection and opportunity to get back to their own homes through Home Settlement. When this is not possible, they are helped to develop their skills through formal and non formal education and are brought back to the main stream of life. Don Bosco institutions are committed to the cause of restoring Childhood to the Children at Risk.
Child Labour Prevention Programmes
The number of child workers in India is the highest in the world. It is estimated to be 300 million all over the world. Out of this, India alone accounts for about 100 million. We reach out to the child labourers in Sivakasi and Tiruppur which are known for intense child labour. Education and Training in technical trades are provided to those children involved in hazardous industries and are placed in alternate jobs once they reach the employable age.
Community and Women Development Programmes
Creating awareness and integrating actions at the grass roots level for the socio-economic growth of the marginalized is the basis of the development strategy of Cauveri. Priority is given to the development of Tribes, Dalits and Fisher folks especially women. Women and the marginalized communities are empowered to plan and execute their own development. They are organized to be change agents in the movement towards social transformation.
Technical Education
In India with the Education being highly commercialized, only the affluent and the upper middle class could afford such professional and formal higher education. The lower middle class and the marginalized are left with non formal technical education as their only means of survival. Cauveri has launched into providing low cost non formal and formal technical education with modern qualitative training facilities to reach the unreached poor and the marginalized youth.
Orphans, semi-orphans and children at risk are cared for in these 'Home away homes'. They are helped to do their formal and non-formal education. They are given shelter and food so that they can do their studies in a suitable environment. Besides education their talent in sports, games and music are developed. They are given moral education and social etiquette so that they can live as better citizens.